The Muzeum Protocol

OurSong began as an internal research

project within the KKBOX Group under

the direction of the Group CEO.

The Muzeum Protocol is a public domain,

blockchain-based open protocol for creative

industries, initiated by KKBOX Group in

conjunction with research grants from the

Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Chris Lin

PoChang Wu

Meindert Kennis

Chairman and CEO

Head of Architecture

Head of Strategy

Co-Founder, CEO


Managing Partner, KKFARM

Lead Singer/Guitarist , Echo Band

Founder, iNDIEVOX

CIO, Streetvoice

Former CMO

Spinnin' Records

Terence Leong

Joshua Chao

Head of Content Partnerships

Head of Creative Design

Managing Partner, KKFARM

Songwriter / Music Producer

Former A&R Director,

Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan

Multiple International

Design Award Winner

Jaeson Ma

Kai Huang

Benjamin Chiang

Kevin Lin

Co-Founding Advisor


Co-Founding Advisor

Co-Founding Advisor

Co-Founder and CEO

CNEX Foundation


SINA Corporation







Timothy Chen

Matt Cheng

Sarah (Jiachen) Zhang

Sean Moss-Pultz

Co-Founding Advisor



Co-Founding Advisor

Head of Sales and Marketing

VIA Technologies, Inc.


Cherubic Ventures


Points (PTS)

Co-Founder and CEO

Bitmark Inc

Management Team



We are a team of explorers comprised of world class industry leaders, serial

entrepreneurs and accomplished veterans from the Internet and Music industry.

People Who Care About Getting It Right

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   A paradigm shift in the meaning of owning music.

   In the past, labels funded musicians to make music sold to fans.

   Now, songs can be owned by its creators and fans.

   This fuels a self marketing engine in the digital music economy.

One Song, a Million Shareholders.

OurSong redesigns the commerce of music by inverting the

value chain through a new practice called Copyright Public Ownership

(CPO). Through the use of blockchain technology, we are redistributing

value and compensation in the music industry.

Copyright Public Ownership


Your Song’s “Stock Certificate”

   Visualize your ownership of song by obtaining a DSD.

   Server-rendered motion graphics move with your song's acoustic fingerprint.

   It displays a song’s key information and Ethereum smart contract address.

   Click into the DSD to to enter the song’s STORY.

   Share your ownership on the social media.

   Watch Digital Song Deed video >

We hope to build a creator-first community. Our own virtual currency, OurCoin, while an

integral part of the musiconomy we are building, does not have an ICO plan. We have

reserved a small portion of OurCoin for private sale at a generously-discounted rate to

selected investors and individuals who we believe can provide value to help us create a

better place for creative talents. Feel free to reach out to us.

Get To Know Us

OurSong is the world’s first online music community-marketplace where musicians and fans

come together to connect, collaborate and share stories and ownership of songs together.

A Musiconomy for us, by us.

Reimagining The Music Business


Taking Your Song Public

   Initiate a CPO event for fans to buy in on your song.

   Share future revenue and change the dynamics between you and your fans.

   Get necessary marketing and production resources.

   Up to a million people can now co-own a piece of music copyright.


Make Your Fans Part of Your STORY

   Engage your fans in the creation process.

   Use the STORY feature to create a News Feed of your song in progress.

   Fans follow and enjoy sneak previews of your song and its progress.

   Roadshow your song and grow anticipation.

   Make it your song’s single source of truth.

Absolutely!  We have designed six critical functions that complement CPO.

They address social and economical solutions that unbind creators from the

current music industry practices that limit creativity, collaboration and innovation.






Remixing and Sampling in The Digital Age

Sell Your Music Worldwide Directly

A Simpler and Unified Way of Transacting Payments

   A simpler, faster way and 100% legit way to sample, remix or adapt another song.

   Front-load terms to allow others to sample or create derivative forms of your work.

   Set a portion of your song's ownership to which you have referenced, sampled or remixed.

   All original creators will be honored and rewarded with corresponding royalty splits.

   Allows multiple generations of derivative works and royalty splits to cascade accordingly.

   Set your terms with other creators.

   Distribute your song to all leading music streaming platforms worldwide.

   Get real time sales reporting and performance insights.

   Enjoy faster automated royalty distribution.

   Get heard!

   OurCoin is a utility token used on OurSong.

   Use it to purchase shares of songs, professional services or merchandise.

   Earn “Creator’s Gratuity” in OurCoin on top of cash royalty payments.

   Be part of growing a brand new musiconomy.

   For more details on OurCoin, please refer to the OurSong Whitepaper.

Closed Beta Starts This Winter!